How to Secure Your Web Browsing History With Norton Wifi Privacy?

Secure Web Browsing History Norton WiFi Privacy – We all use the internet as one of our daily need and most of that internet usage includes web surfing. This means, we constantly engage ourselves in web browsing, which leads to piles of web browsing history stored on your device. And some IPS (Internet Service Provider) may sell your internet history to interested parties.

Secure Web Browsing History Norton WiFi Privacy

Secure Web Browsing History Norton WiFi Privacy

If you are willing to Secure Web Browsing History with Norton WiFi Privacy then get the Norton LifeLock or Norton WiFi Privacy. These products are enabled with a security system to protect your identity online and offline. You can also get the Norton LifeLock added to your any main Norton Subscription. If you want more detailed related to Norton Security then follow our blogs at or simply call our Norton WiFi Privacy support team. In this article blog, we will discuss the Norton WiFi Privacy method to secure the web history.

What is Norton WiFi Privacy?

Norton WiFi Privacy is one of the popular products of Norton. You can purchase this product from the Norton Store. If you wish to Secure Web Browsing History with Norton WiFi Privacy then you must about the product and its benefits. Here is the list of characteristics of Norton WiFi Privacy.

  • Bank Grade Encryption – The uses the same technology used by leading bank to keep your data secured. Such encryption helps the user to the browser without any worries.
  • Anonymous Browsing – The Norton VPN (Virtual Private Network) secures your identity. This is done by keeping your IP address secure.
  • Block Tracking Ads – Many-a-times we find the various ads while browsing. Some of these ads keep the information related to our search and then show us similar content. Such ads can creep the user, the Norton WiFI Privacy protects the user by blocking the Ads.
  • Access Web Page Faster – A lot of content on the web is not available for all the geographical location, which leads to slow data access. With Norton VPN you can access the global network with any worry.

What is Virtual Private Network and How It Helps?

  • As we know the internet is a public network, which is accessible to everybody.
  • Sometimes, while using the internet, we do not want your data or identity to be visible to anybody.
  • This feature is supposed to be provided by Private Networks only. To make the internet safer, we use VPN or Virtual Private Network.
  • Using the VPN, the user can send and receive data on the public network without being tracked by anyone.
  • As if the Internet would behave as the Private Network but you will be able to access the data on the internet.
  • To make every network the Private Network, the Norton WiFi Privacy use the virtual IP address technique which changes after every 10 minutes.
  • Also, instead of following the direct path, the VPN follows the various different path so that one can back-track you.
  • Use the Norton WiFi Privacy to Secure Web Browsing History with Norton WiFi Privacy and keep your identity and data private.

How to Get Norton WiFi Privacy?

After knowing about the Norton WiFi Privacy and how it helps to protect and secure your data. Let’s get to the steps to install and activate on your device.

  • Firstly, you need to purchase the Norton WiFI privacy subscription. You can also try the 30 days Norton WiFi Privacy trial.
  • After the purchase and retrieve the Product Key and start the installation from the next step.
  • Open the Web Browser on your computer and visit the on the browser.
  • Sign In to the Norton Account using the account credentials like email address and password.
  • In your Norton Account, enter the Product Key to sync your Norton Account and Norton WiFi Privacy.
  • After that, you can download the Norton WiFi Privacy on your device.
  • Once the download is finished, install the setup files on your device.
  • You may also be asked to Norton WiFi Privacy login, create a new account if necessary.
  • Now, you will be able to Secure Web Browsing History with Norton WiFi Privacy.

If you facing any issue with the above steps or want to get more details about the product then you can call the Norton Support. Talk to a technician and get the troubleshooting steps to maintain your subscription. And for more tip to Secure Web Browsing History Norton WiFi Privacy visit and read our other blogs.

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