How to Turn Off Norton Auto-Renewal Service?

Turn Off Norton Auto-Renewal Service – Norton provides a service that allows the user to renew their subscription when it is available, without manually doing it. This service is called Norton Auto-renewal Service. With Norton Auto-renewal Service, you can easily keep your Norton Product up-to-date and protect your device & data from threats.

Turn Off Norton Auto-Renewal Service

Turn Off Norton Auto-Renewal Service

But sometimes the user does not want their product to get renew anytime. The reason could be to avoid the unnecessary billing service when the product is not in use. Or the other reason could be the user want to have control over this process. Therefore, you can turn off the Auto-Renewal whenever you want.

Turn Off Norton Automatic Renewal Service

Follow these steps to easily turn off the Automatic Renewal Service.

  • Go to your web browser on your device.
  • Search for Norton and visit the official Norton website.
  • Sign In to your Norton account using the email address and password.
  • Click on the Subscription. Here you will be able to see your Norton products with details.
  • To turn off the Auto-Renewal Service, move the slider to OFF.
  • The confirmation box will appear, click Turn Off.
  • Your Norton Automatic Renewal Service is off now.

Now, you have to manually visit the Norton Product to update in future. If at any point of your Norton subscription, you want to turn the Norton auto-renewal service on then follow same steps mentioned above and move the slider to TURN ON.  

Various Reasons to Turn Off Norton Auto-Renewal Service?

There could be many reasons a user wish to disable the auto-renewal service of their Norton. Some common reasons are listed below.

  • You do not want unnecessary or uninvited bills of your Norton Product.
  • To Keep control of your Norton Product by only allowing important updates.
  • You no longer user Norton Services so you wish to discontinue the updates.
  • You are switching the Norton software from one device to another.

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